This is Global Dancefloor Productions

Global Dancefloor was a world renowned Dance Music Radio Show, presented and produced by Jules Little, with over 5 years of shows being produced and at one point over 100 stations broadcasting the show.

The time came for a new challenge and so Jules decided to end the phenomenally successful show.

From the ashes of that show comes the latest venture…


Providing bespoke shows for business’ and private clients, and also some for own fun!

Shows such as…

I Love Mjuzieek Radio Show & Not So Obvious

Email us now via the contact page if you want to be a part of the broadcasting family or even if you want a show producing by the team here at Global Dancefloor Productions.


Not So Obvious

So, the website has been rebuilt, and now we have a home for the Not So Obvious series of Mixes…

We will be posting the links here for you to look through and if you are lucky and Jules remembers, we will also add the downloads for you too :D

So be good and enjoy the Not So Obvious mix series in association with Perfectly Individual


Catch up on NSO now >>> Not So Obvious

I love mjuizeek

I Love Music, but I really love Mjuzieek

Wow, where did time go? First of all a HUGE thank you to all that listened to the show, in our final month we had an incredible spike in hits to this website, quite humbling.

So now we have moved from being a show to being a radio production thingy, the twitter handle is now GD Productions though the @Globaldanceflr tag remains the same.

Much work went on behind the scenes and then at the beginning of March this year we finally unleashed our new collaboration with Mjuzieek Digital Records group, a new show, a kind of re-incarnation of Global Dancefloor and we called our new baby I LOVE MJUZIEEK!

This show encompasses music from all 5 labels in the group and is chock full of exclusive tracks that you won’t hear on the radio anywhere else!.


All of the marketing is being handled by the record label, though we will post links to it here, fair to say that it’s nice to not have to do so much ourselves! Check out www.mjuzieek.com for links to shows & stations.

Finally, we note this week the passing of an icon & legend Frankie Knuckles.

The passing of Frankie Knuckles this week has surprised many, and not just because of his untimely death aged just 59. It has surprised many because of the reaction. When a singer or actor passes away there’s often a sycophantic outcry of grief, this sometimes seems shallow.

Frankie Knuckles though was a DJ, not just any DJ, but one that for many of us was a pioneer, the reason that many of us fell in love with house music, indeed “The Godfather of House”. To many of us the age of the DJ being a star is still a fresh idea, something that still hasn’t sunk in since 1986 when Farley Jackmaster Funk hit the charts, whereas the younger generation have grown up with this phenomenon as the norm. So for one of them to die seems unreal. You look at the reach of the man, Your Love, where would Candi Staton be without that? Have you heard the original? The awesome Tears, Baby Wants To Ride, and for me, The Whistle Song, that still sends me on a dream. Who else could have remixed Ain’t Nobody with such respect for the original that for me the remix eclipsed it? He remixed all the greats, and if proof were further needed of his stature in music his death was even headline news on BBC Radio 2!

So if you’re out this weekend, either as a dancer or a DJ, I’m sure you’ll be touched by the genius of the legend FK.

As I posted when I heard of his death, “…and when the groove is dead & gone, you know that love survives so we can rock together”.


What a finish!

After 5 years we have finally closed the doors on the weekly radio show, what a ride that was! We have been truly overwhelmed with the responses from both listeners, producers, and of course the stations and Jules had the opportunity to play these out on the last show (That’s Week 237 on the player). The last show rather than being melancholy ended up as a celebration of what the show was all about, good time disco!

As a special treat Jules has also uploaded the last show without all of the jingles & voice links, so just 2 hours of pure unadulterated music! We hope that you enjoy it.


OK, let’s start with the main show, Global Dancefloor. That is now consigned to history. However, from time to time here will be a one hour show podcast, the aim is to do one every month but don’t hold us to that, we have loads more in he pipeline!

Now the exciting bit, Global Dancefloor Productions (as we are now known) will be producing a monthly radio show which will also be podcast for our favourite label MJUZIEEK DIGITAL, Jules will be presenting this. This is a really exciting development that we are all really looking forward to starting, expect that to be sometime in October.

Global Dancefloor Too has become “The Pidcast” www.pidcast.co.uk as Stu continues championing his favourite new electronic music. If you are wondering where the name comes from, here at GD we call him Pid. This all comes from an old chant “When I say Stu, you say Pid!” As you can tell, we take this very seriously!

Global Dancefloor goes Retro! Over the last year Jules has been working on a series of 20 hour long 80’s pop mixes entitled “Not So Obvious 80’s“. We will be voicing these as one hour radio shows, there are a few dance led tracks in there, but the whole ethos behind these mixes is the not so obvious tracks that you get in retro mixes, so something completely different to the norm (whoever Norm is….).

In addition to all of this, Jules has got a job with Nuneaton Town Football Club as matchday host & pitch announcer. Getting paid to watch football, that’s like a dream job. All we need now is for his friend at Force India F1 team to employ him to play music in the garage & we’ll all be sorted!

So that is the latest from us here, as always “Keep it on the Global Dancefloor!”


….and now, the end is near….

..and this will be the final curtain.

Yes, sadly the stories are true, after 5 amazing years, it’s time to clear the Global Dancefloor. Next weekend (1st September) will see the final edition of the Global Dancefloor. What started out as “Jules Dance Show” on Ashby Radio in 2008 with 16 online listeners has blossomed into a show that has graced the airwaves of over 120 stations in that time, mostly on FM, some online, and even DAB. An estimated audience of over 7,000,000 listeners every week. WOW!

So why? I have been asked this many times in the past few days.

Well, when I started this, I used my own records that I DJ’d with every weekend. Then as the show evolved from being a general dance show into a genre specific show for funky & disco house, the change of name, the visual & audio branding, the endless promotional packages to listen to, then recording the show, getting it as near perfect as possible every week, it simply has become too big for just me.

In this 5 year period I have also had 2 more children, as much as I love & appreciate my listeners, my family needs me more, as I do them. So, the time was right.

However, this is not the end. I am taking a month off, then in October I shall be returning with a monthly podcast / show for a well known record label, watch this space!

I shall also release Global Dancefloor mixes monthly as I still have the passion for my favourite music. What else? Well, I am working on a totally different type of radio show for syndication, this though, will be a limited run. It’s Not So Obvious…. (trust me, that will make sense eventually….)

GLOBAL DANCEFLOOR TOO. Well, that is changing name. Stu will bring you an amazing 1 hour weekly show that will be called THE PIDCAST, as his nickname here at GD is PID. (When I say Stu, you say Pid (STU….PID), please stay with him, it’s an awesome show.

There are a few people that I want to mention in this. People that have inspired me along the way…

Paul Moore, the guy that got me into proper radio (I started out on hospital radio, he gave me my first dance show)

Jon Fitz, 2004, this guy changed my life musically, he went onto Herd & Fitz, still produces epic tunes, and now runs Castle Club Radio in somewhere hot & broke!

David Dunne, David used to present the Hed Kandi show on Galaxy network, I wanted to emulate DD, I loved his style of presenting, so laid back. A true gentleman, very approachable, and my dance radio icon. He now chats a bit with Andy Daniels on t’wireless, his partner in crime for the Triple Dee Radio Show.

Andreas Mixgeselle, When I started with my dance shows, I heard the Mixgeselle (Mix g-what?) show and though “Bloody hell, that’s brilliant, I need to up my game”. He has kept me on my toes, still going strong, have a listen, great music!

Martin Gunn, Danny Bond, & Eddy Elton, these guys have stood in for me when I have been on holiday or unable to produce a show. Martin now presents the highly successful “House Sessions Worldwide” with Roger Da Silva, have a listen. Danny was the voice of the incredibly talented Bassmonkeys, then became a Gadgetman…… Eddy, well what a talent. Eddy won best dance show at the student radio awards, firted with BBC Radio 1 (In New DJs We trust), then got a PHd and walked away from radio, such an amazingly talented guy.

Roland Bartha, the man who constantly delivers amazing Mjuzieek to keep us dancing! My favourite label!

Malcolm Gatenby, the “Dubai branch” of Global Dancefloor, my arbiter of taste, and the worlds best proof listener “Jules, you need to edit that, there’s swearing in that track!”

Stu Ritchie. The other half of GD. Stu & I have always worked the same venues, just years apart from each other, were trained by the same DJ, he’s following me, I’m sure.


When Stu got involved in GD, he pushed me to make it bigger, organised the website, all the clever technology gubbins that still amazes & baffles me, that’s him! He organised the website, the social media, the in site player, the audio imaging, the visual imaging, he stood in for me when needed if I was committed to other things, then made a blummin brilliant add on show GD Too. Thank you PID!

Finally, to my wife & my amazing children. they have put up with me sitting doing this radio show for 2 evenings every week for 5 long years & never complained (well, maybe a little). My older 2 children had their voices on some early jingles, my wife Jirinka was the original audio image for the show, great voice, I just want to record her saying “I’ve been expecting you Mr Bond” in her East European accent!

Then there’s you. Thank you for listening.

Keep it on the Global Dancefloor!


Week 234 & 235 – Show News

Hi All,

A huge show lined up for you this weekend, the usual array of glitter & disco. Then next weekend, show 235 will be the usual midsummer classics show, first hour is best of 2013 so far, then in the second hour it’s Random Access Classics!

Keep it Global Dancefloor & follow on Facebook & Twitter.


PS. If you fancy donating for a present, it’s my birthday next week!